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Contains posts regarding the upcomming book, The Hand of Yot.

Origin Story #2

The origin story continues to grow, and the twists and turns that result from that growth are making the story better. I have not been as dedicated to my writing as I should be, but sometimes a rest results in new ideas. I am close to halfway done, not counting the editing.

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The Hand of Yot

The working title for the next book is “The Hand of Yot”. This book will cover all of the questions about Shayna and Argyle’s origins while still having the fun adventures they had in The Altar of Kolaset. Now that Christmas is over, I’ll start posting regular blogs about the progress of the book.

Already it is going to be a few chapters longer than The Altar of Kolaset, a real concern of mine. There will be more action and more emotional connection for our heroes.

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